2020 has been the year of streaming. Streaming Online yoga classes, online fitness classes and back to back to back zoom meetings. Our country has had to adjust to a new normal and we’ve all to be resourceful in most aspects of our lives.

Yoga props can be very important in a yoga practice. Especially an at home consistent practice where you are seeing your teacher through a Zoom meeting and your apartment is not the same as an 80 degree heated yoga room. Since we don’t have the luxury of being in a yoga studio with props, we are here to give you guidance on items that can be found around the house to use as props!

What can I use if I don’t have a Yoga block?

  • A water bottle (not plastic, something sturdy i.e. Corksicle)
  • A sealed mason jar
  • Stack of books
  • Foam roller

What can I use as a Yoga strap?

  • Yoga mat strap
  • Belt
  • Two dish towels tied together
  • Dog leash
  • Jump rope

Be creative and resourceful! If you’ve found an item around the house that works and is not listed here, tag us in an Instagram story with a photo of your makeshift prop! We are also selling all of our used Yoga props in our online MINDBODY shop. (Items do not ship)