Staying Committed to Your Yoga Practice with MOXIE

Pre-Covid, it was much easier to stay on track with yoga… You had a routine, whether it was an early morning stroll to take the 6:00 a.m. at MOXIE: Nob Hill before work, or grabbing coffee at the coffee shop after a weekend class at MOXIE: 20th street, there was a sense of order and ritual. With our lives turned upside down nearly a year ago, our rituals and habits were dramatically changed. The shelter-in-place order had us all hunkering down in our spaces which turned into an office, a school for your kids and a plethora of other things including a yoga studio.

To keep you motivated, we’ve conjured up a program that will hold you accountable and bridge the gap between student and instructor. The MOXIE Motivation Method! In this method, you will be challenged by your instructor of choice to stay committed to a consistent yoga practice for 30 days. See below for details:

  • You will choose a teacher to join you on this journey
  • You must complete 2 virtual classes per week with MOXIE (live-streamed or on-demand)
  • Share at least 3 yoga goals with your instructor
  • Share your journey on your social media platform

We can’t be with you in-person yet, but we want to be with you every step of the way during this program. Motivating you and pushing you toward your yoga goals.

Some important information to note

  • Participation has limited availability.
  • Registrations options for each teacher will be disabled once full.
  • Enrollment will begin the last two weeks of each month
  • You can not enroll consecutively each month
  • The program begins the 1st of every month
  • Rates
    • Free for full members: ($99/month or more)
    • Mini members: $25/person
    • Non-members $75/person

Registration Instructions

  1. Start by choosing your favorite teacher
  2.  Sign Up Here 
      1. Make sure you are logged into your Mindbody Online Account
      2. Select the teacher that you would like to work with and purchase the pricing option associated with your current membership (if no membership, you will only see the $75 option)
  3. You will be emailed by the instructor who you selected with a follow up