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Mark Rausa

Lead Teacher

Mark Rausa is a founding owner of MOXIE and the instructor responsible for the development of the MOXIE Method.  His classes are intense and challenging, with motivational tough love and sarcasm.  Mark specializes in teaching inversions, arm balancing, and transitions.  His classes are greatly influenced by his training with Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Yoga and Tim Thompson, the creator of Isometric Monkey Yoga.

Irene Chou

Irene welcomes yogis of all levels in her classes.  Her classes have been described as both energizing and grounding with emphasis on sound, light, touch - each element integral to helping students journey out of the mind and into the body.  In a culture that often prioritizes cultivation of the mind, Irene believes yoga reminds us that the body is the primary instrument through which we experience the world.  In 2015, Irene completed the MOXIE Training led by Mark Rausa and Leia Layus. She is currently obtaining her 100-hour training in Therapeutic Yoga under the guidance of Harvey Deutch.  Outside of yoga Irene enjoys drinking tea, taking pictures, and disconnecting from the internet.  As MOXIE's Music Director, Irene also loves sharing and receiving music recommendations: irene@moxie.yoga.

Nina Samaco-Zamora

Nina is a clinical psychologist, a yogi, and a former Philippine national athlete.  Upon retiring from competition she discovered yoga as an excellent way to retain her flexibility and strength as well as the emotional and psychological benefits.  In 2013, she began teaching yoga as a form of therapy while working with children.  The results were positive and encouraged her to complete her 200-RYT at Yoga Tree.  She is currently working on her 500-RYT and has studied under Jason Bowman.  Nina is a versatile teacher, who adapts her style depending on the needs and abilities of her students.

Cara Smith

Lead Teacher

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Cara danced since before she could walk, and has trained, performed, and practiced ever since. Once older, she quickly found her way into teaching dance, then moved to San Francisco in 2012, attending classes at ODC and City Dance. Once in San Francisco, she soon longed for a more spiritual journey and, after much convincing from many close friends, she tried her first Vinyasa class and immediately fell in love - nothing aside from dance had ever made her feel that way and she was hooked! She soon began a regular practice at lovely little Laughing Lotus in the Mission, finally made a wonderful decision to dive into Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus and is now sharing the beautiful truth of yoga with our world. Up until her recent move back to San Francisco, she taught in San Luis Obispo at: Sycamore Mineral Springs, East Wellbeing, Club 24, as well as her own, donation based classes held at the beach. She also combined my unconditional love of both dance and yoga to teach barre fitness classes, in addition to the creation of a Stretch Barre class and Ballet Barre Workshops at Assets Studios. She is now living and teaching back in SF - where home will always be!

Tanya Clark

Lead Teacher

Tanya found the practice of Yoga when she moved to San Francisco in 2011 after accepting an assistant women's basketball coaching position at an NCAA DII school and it changed her life in so many ways. The only place she felt grounded and balanced was on her mat.  After resigning from coaching, Tanya embarked on a new journey and made the decision to explore Yoga on a deeper level and completed her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Tree SF. Tanya’s classes are challenging and dynamic, yet comedic and fun! While having her own sense of humility, she reminds people who attend her classes to not take themselves too seriously. She encourages students to safely explore different variations of postures that may take them to a new level in their practice.  She strongly believes that when people are able to practice yoga and stay open minded to new possibilities, they make themselves vulnerable to having a better sense of stability and awareness on their mat and in everyday life.

Elaine Liu

Lead Teacher

Born in NYC, Elaine grew up jazzercising to Jane Fonda VHS tapes.That eventually led to her teaching step aerobics in college. She discovered Ashtanga yoga in New Zealand, among the Hare Krishna who would lure her in with delicious vegan food after practice, despite being a carnivore. After moving to SF, Elaine practiced hot yoga, where she obtained her 250 hour teacher certification. In 2017, Elaine completed her 50 hour Moxie Teacher Training. Alignment and form is very important to her, as she is a certified massage therapist who sees common injuries that can be prevented with some key adjustments (so don't be surprised if she fixes your chatarangas!). Elaine spends her free time traveling, (usually 2-3 times a year) shopping online and working out.

Caitlin Ryan

Lead Teacher

Caitlin began casually practicing yoga while studying theatre at the College of Charles and found a deeper practice upon moving to San Francisco in 2006. Growing up a swimmer and athlete, she fell in love with the physical side and depth that yoga brings. She completed her 200hr RYT through Pete Guinosso's 'Lighting the Path' training program supported by Yoga Tree in 2014 and finished her 500hr RYT training through Yoga Tree in 2019 as well as being trained in the Moxie Method and teaches children's yoga as well. When not teaching, she can be found chasing adventure, good music, and sharks as well as other marine conservation work. Her fitness beliefs are to do what feels good in your body and finds something that nurtures and challenges you but will still leave you smiling at the end!

Regan Cantanzaro

Lead Teacher

Regan started practicing yoga as a teenager at the local YMCA in San Mateo. The practice has always felt like a  home for her as she grew and moved through different stages of life. Her teaching journey started informally at a community gym in Italy several years ago. It is very important to her that yoga be made available to anyone and inclusive of all backgrounds and abilities. After returning to California She went on to do a 200 hour training course in Power Yoga in the fall of 2017.  She is committed to spreading this wonderful practice. 

In all of her classes, you will connect breath, movement, mind, and body to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving through a challenging, but approachable practice.

Yalile Fajer

Yalile is above all a wellness enthusiast, she loves the contact with nature and animals. She got interested in practicing yoga after watching a guy teaching at a morning show, then she bought his DVD and got hooked for life. She continued practicing at gyms and studios until she decided that it was time for her to get certified. Yalile did her 200-hour YTT at CPY in San Mateo back in 2017.

Her fun personality resembles her classes, and you can expect a fun and upbeat flow. Yalile loves assisting and growing with her students. She enjoys doing yoga along with her 2-year-old daughter Victoria, and to be the best influence she can be for her.

Kimm Ropicky

For Kimm, yoga was the best movement-based practice to chill her out at any time during theworkday. After accepting the fact that her job left her unfulfilled and yoga was what she lookedforward to the most each day, she decided to become a yoga teacher to inspire and empowergrowth while reducing the stress that accumulates throughout the day.To practice with Kimm means entering a nurturing and sustainable process. Acting as both allyand friend, she offers dynamic sequencing to encourage growth and exploration. You will enjoysafe, thoughtful adjustments to provide greater insight and ease. Come away feelingempowered as you learn from her anatomical expertise while you create physical and mentalstrength.

Melinda Paz Saldon

Melinda is originally from Chandler Arizona and moved to San Francisco in 1999. She first fell in love with Yoga shortly after moving to San Francisco when her older sister took her to her first yoga class. In 2013 she decided to take her love of yoga deeper and enrolled in her fist teacher training with Rusty Wells. Since then she has gone on to do 1200hrs of yoga training including a 300hr Ashtanga Training in India and two consecutive 300hr trainings with Carling Nicole and Patrick Beach in LA  and Bali. Her style of teaching is a combination of the disciplines she has studied over the years and she focuses her practice on building functional strength through mindful movement. Outside of the studio she loves running, hiking, cycling and boxing and is always happy to get a good sweat on. She loves to travel and meet new people and sunny days in the park are her favorite.

Chelsea Van Billiard

Chelsea Van Billiard, originally from Las Vegas, has been a mover all her life.  She has trained in dance since the age of 9 and has studied, traveled, and performed nationally and internationally.  Yoga has been a part of her life throughout her years of movement training but has become a more serious and integral part of her life during the last year.  She became 200hr RYT certified in early 2021 and is certified through Yoga Alliance.  Her classes emphasize alignment and encourage finding our edges while maintaining the importance of meeting all people and bodies where they are at.

Want to teach at MOXIE?

We are always looking for experienced instructors to join our team.  If interested, please send your resume and any other applicable information to your training and experience to info@moxie.yoga.