Prepare to get blissed out and fully relaxed in this end of weekend wind down. You’ll start with a seated meditation to get good and grounded, followed by a yin/restorative practice to get deeper in touch with the body while gently stretching it out with longer passive holds, and closing it out with a 25 min sound bath savasana experience to fully decompress and unwind into deep relaxation while giving your mind a chance to dive into deep meditative states while the vibrations “massage” the body from the inside. This experience will also help promote deeper, more restful sleep as you head into your night.

Yoga mats required and props encouraged (blocks, straps, blankets, cushions, whatever you got!) *unfortunately sound bath not recommended for pregnancy or epilepsy

Instructor Insight: 

I am doing this workshop because our bodies and minds deserve all the decompression it can get and gentle movement and sound can assist us in achieving this and deep relaxation. In todays world we face daily challenges on the job, in relationships, etc. that induce anxiety and as we enter back into this new normal our nervous systems are even more stressed out than ever before and working overdrive to process not just our daily stressors but the effects of the last 1.5yrs of pandemic. With this workshop I hope to ease some of this suffering so we can face each day with a little more grace, ease, and piece of mind. – Caitlin

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