MOXIE was born out of the desire to offer something unique to the yoga community of San Francisco. We built our methods and community with the idea that everyone can benefit from asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work), yet not everyone may want to be guided spiritually or emotionally within a yoga class. Our intention is to welcome any person to reap the benefit of the physical yoga practice, no matter what their philosophical or spiritual beliefs may be. In order to build our community around this ethos, our classes are intentionally void of these types of instruction. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with one approach to the asana practice which might include dharma talks, or another that includes chanting, or another that teaches students how to respond to situations outside of the classroom. It is simply saying that not everyone is comfortable in an emotionally and spiritually guided setting.

Our goal is also to be inclusive for students who do appreciate components of spirituality and emotional instruction in the power/vinyasa yoga classroom. Essentially, many students may prefer a class with spiritual and emotional guidance, but it is not a deal-breaker to take a class without.

The concept for MOXIE’s ethos comes from personal experience. No yoga class I went to, outside of secular gym yoga on the east coast, spoke my language. The challenge with “Gym Yoga” is both the quality of instruction and the environment. Most gym yoga classes are taught by the less experienced yoga instructor or a fitness trainer who practices yoga but does not have a deep understanding of asana. On top of this, gym yoga classes are typically taught in a cold fish bowl with elliptical machines and noise on the other side of the glass. What we have done with MOXIE is take the good from the gym yoga class and refine it to create a well-produced experience that welcomes all. What I mean by “spoke my language” is that I was less receptive to learning how to practice asana safely and productively because I was distracted, confused, and sometimes upset by a yoga teacher who doesn’t know my personal life experiences, yet they are advising me how to react, think, or feel. It was a challenge, but the benefit and joy of the physical practice overrode the discomfort I had with every other yoga community’s voice.

This is the “why” to what we offer. Yoga is your journey to explore, we are here to provide the tools, but you decide how to use them.

MOXIE’s Mission Statement

“Our intention is to offer yoga adapted for the modern lifestyle by teaching only that which is essential for a balanced physical practice in order to welcome all schools of thought.”