Meet the MOXIE instructors! We have a very diverse line-up of instructors that come from all walks of life. Their teaching styles are diverse as well and all of them have been trained to teach the MOXIE Method. You can check out our schedule on Mindbody or download our branded app in the app store.

Elaine Liu – Alignment and form is very important to Elaine, as she is a certified massage

therapist who sees common injuries that can be prevented with some key adjustments. Elaine has been with MOXIE since 2017. More about Elaine

The Facts

Hometown: New York (Lower Eastside)

Drink of Choice: Lambrusco or Tea

If Elaine weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be…Personal Training, but can’t imagine not teaching yoga

Lauren Marmol – Lauren has been an instructor at MOXIE Yoga for several years. Her powerful classes are rooted in anatomy and mindfulness, truly a space for others to take a journey within and uncover something new. Lauren has been with MOXIE since 2014.

More about Lauren

The Facts

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

Middle Name: Elisa

Drink of Choice: Coffee or a spicy margarita

If Lauren weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be… An occupational therapist

Caitlin- Growing up a swimmer and athlete, Caitlin fell in love with the physical side and depth that yoga brings. Her fitness beliefs are to do what feels good in your body and finds something that nurtures and challenges you, but will still leave you smiling at the end. Caitlin has been with MOXIE Since 2018 More about Caitlin

The Facts

Hometown: Greensborough, NC

Middle Name: Louise

Drink of Choice: Tequila

If Caitlin weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be… A marine bio/conservationist or a full time writer

Laura- Laura’s teaching style is fun, challenging, and upbeat and focuses on alignment and breathing. Her classes challenge your focus and breath, and of course make you sweat! Laura has been with MOXIE since 2017. More about Laura

The Facts

Hometown: SF (only because she’s been here the longest)

Middle Name: Noelle

Drink of choice: Red Burgundy or Green Tea

If Laura weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be…An underground art curator in Brooklyn