In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MOXIE family has decided to start a blog to stay connected with our community. The MOXIE community is so dedicated and we have the utmost appreciation and gratitude to our students and instructors. If you are new to MOXIE, we would like you to know that our intention is to offer yoga adapted for the modern lifestyle by teaching only that which is essential for a balanced physical practice in order to welcome all schools of thought. We keep all emotional and philosophical instruction out of our classes to ensure all students feel welcome.

This blog will contain posts about our instructors, advanced posture of the week and other helpful articles that pertain to MOXIE, to yoga and to our ethos. If there is a specific subject you’d like to see in our blog, email

We would like to introduce you to our owners and operating partners:

Mark Rausa Founder, owner and operating partner of MOXIE

Mark is responsible for the creation of the MOXIE Method. His classes are intense and challenging, with motivational tough love and sarcasm. More about Mark






Tanya Clark Owner and operating operating partner of MOXIE

Tanya’s classes are challenging and dynamic, yet comedic and fun! While having her own sense of humility, she reminds people who attend her classes to not take themselves too seriously. More about Tanya




David Steele – Founding owner and partner of MOXIE


David is an active contributor to San Francisco with several business ventures influencing the lifestyle, health and wellness of individuals of the community. More about David