Meet the MOXIE instructors…Part II! Check out the rest of our steller online streaming cast of instructors.

Cara Smith- Cara offers the space and comforting support for you to connect your mind and body through focus on the breath, feeling into your body’s own, unique flow. Cara has been with MOXIE since 2016. More about Cara

The Facts

Hometown: San Antonio Texas

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Drink of Choice: Chai Latte or Margarita

If Cara weren’t teaching she’d be… I would be swimming under the sea exploring the underwater world

Regan Catanzaro : Regan’s powerful classes and direct instruction will leave you feeling good. She prides herself on never teaching the same exact sequence twice. Regan has been with MOXIE since 2019

The Facts

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Middle Name: Courtney

Drink of Choice: Espresso

If Regan weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be… In desperate need of a creative outlet

Nina Samaco-Zamora: Nina is a clinical psychologist, a yogi, and a former Philippine national athlete. She is a versatile teacher, who adapts her style depending on the needs and abilities of her students. Nina has been with MOXIE since 2016. More about Nina

The Facts

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Middle Name: Flores

Drink of Choice: Coffee. Wine. Hard Cider. Guinness

If Nina weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be… Phycologist or Dog Walker

Katrina Baccetti: Katrina believes that yoga is a powerful and internal practice, capable of cultivating self-love, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. Katrina hopes to inspire her students to find their bliss through conscious breath and movement on the yoga mat. Katrina has been with MOXIE since 2016. More about Katrina

The Facts

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Middle Name: Ann

Drink of Choice: Vegan Matcha Latte

If Katrina weren’t teaching yoga, she’d be… Doing Something with Health + Wellness