Sanskrit: Hanumanasana

There are so many benefits to Hanumanasana. They are great for joint health, flexibility and balance. There must be hamstring flexibility in the front leg and psoas opening in the back. There are multiple ways to approach this shape. Utilizing blocks underneath the hands, especially for beginners is a great place to start. Making sure your body is warm and you’re practicing in a warm space (hopefully one of our warm studios!) can definitely help in coming into the pose. Please see below for step-by-step directions to achieve Hanumanasana.

**Make sure the body is completely warmed up**

  1. Start in downward facing dog
  2. Step the right foot forward between the hands and come into a low lunge
  3. Place your hands over blocks on either side of the leg
  4. Pull the left hip back so it stacks over the left knee
  5. Work the right foot forward and hold (if you have tight hamstrings, make it dynamic by bending and straightening the right knee)
  6. Add the hip extension to the posture
  7. As you slide the right foot forward, work the left foot back
  8. Lift the chest and feel more of the hip extension on the left side
  9. Stay active into the front leg, pressing the right heel down into the mat
  10. Rock side to side
  11. Keep the hamstring as well as the quad engaged
  12. Hips should remain square as you make your way closer to the mat
  13. Exit back into a lunge position and take the hands to the top of the mat
  14. Press into downdog or make your way through to a vinyasa