MOXIE Yoga Virtual Workshop

Defy Gravity

Yoga, arm balances, and body weight conditioning to help you float through your day. Use earth’s greatest force to strengthen your body and improve your practice; in this workshop we’ll explore body weight exercises that leverage gravity’s pull on us to get fit anywhere. No equipment is needed for this 75 minute workout where you will learn some basic movements that will help you build consistent and measurable strength over time.

Instructor Insight: “I wanted to offer his workshop to teach students how to use body weight exercises to get stronger both in their yoga practice and for everyday life. Modern life doesn’t give the average person a lot of opportunity to use their bodies, which can make us weak and prone to injury. Body weight conditioning is an accessible way to build strength and range of motion that can be done any time and anywhere.”

Date: Saturday February 20th

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Price: $25


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