MOXIE is built on a foundation of love and respect for all. We are deeply saddened by the death of George Floyd and of all of the other cherished BLACK lives lost due to police brutality and violence. We stand up as a community and unequivocally support the Black Lives Matter movement. History is being made, people young and old are coming together to fight the systematic racism that continues to wash over the United States. It is important for our Black, Indiginous, and People of Color students and staff to know that we will not stand for such injustices.

We are a small business, but we vow to contribute to making our yoga community feel like a safe space for people of color. Each week MOXIE will hold a donation based class with proceeds going to the ACLU organization. We are also going to start a BIPOC scholarship fund for our 200 hour teacher training and educate our staff on this mission and what we, as a business, stand for. We are with you, we see you, we love you.YOU matter.