Advance with MOXIE: Revolved Angle

Sanskrit:  Utthita Parsvakonasana

Type: Twist

Strengthens: legs, quads, ankles

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Start in a downward facing dog
  • Inhale Sweep the right leg up
  • Exhale step it forward between the hands
  • Seal the back heal
  • Inhale rise into warrior 1
  • Back heal is down with arms overhead
  • Bring hands to heart center and lean forward
  • Inhale lengthen through the crown of the head
  • Exhale twist to the right, left elbow is above the right knee
  • **Try to slide the left arm as far to the right as you can, attempting to get the shoulder to the outside of the right leg
  • Open the arms, left arm reaches toward the mat, right arm reaches up
  • PLant left hand on the mat beside the right foot
  • **Use a block to bring the floor closer
  • Gaze up and breath for 3 full breaths
  • To exit, untwist and let both hands frame the right foot
  • Step left foot up to meet the right and rag doll
  • Repeat on opposite side