Sanskrit: Parsva Bakasana to Eka Pada Kundinyasan 1

Type: Arm balance Transition

Strengthens: Shoulders, upper back legs

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Come standing at the top of your mat
  2. Make your way into chair pose
  3. Bring hands to heart center, take an inhale, exhale twist to the right
  4. Left elbow comes to the outside of the right knee
  5. Come into a deeper squat so both hands rest on the mat facing the long edge of your mat
  6. The front elbow will rest near the knee, the back elbow will rest on the hip
  7. Bend into the arms and look forward, creating a shelf with your triceps
  8. Lean forward and take flight!
  9. Once you come into side crow, straighten the bottom leg, then the top leg and hold for 3 three breaths
  10. Slowly make your way out of the pose and come to a forward fold
  11. Repeat on the opposite side

Visit our YouTube page for a full video tutorial!