Advance with MOXIE: Revolved Bird of Paradise

Sanskrit:  Parivrtta Svarga Dvijasana

Type: Standing twist, balance and  bind 

Improves: Leg Strength, overall balance, shoulder flexibility

Step-by-step instructions: 

  • Come standing at the top of the mat
  • Place hands on hips and take a step back with the left foot coming into a pyramid shape
  • Inhale lengthen through the crown of the head, exhale fold forward
  • Release both hands down toward the mat (using blocks if they don’t reach)
  • Place right hand to the outside of right leg and push it toward the center line
  • Bend into left elbow preparing the twist, take an inhale, exhale to take left elbow to the outside of right leg
  • Open up the arms and bend both knees (you can even touch the back knee to the mat)
  • Left hand will come underneath the right leg and right hand will come behind the back 
  • Take a full bind under the legs
  • Root down into the right foot and bring the left foot to meet the right as you keep the full bind
  • Then, root in to the left foot and lead with the chest as you rise up and find your balance on the left leg (keep the right knee bent during this transition, it’s easier that way)
  • Once you come standing and are on balance, try to straighten out the right leg
  • Hold the balance for 3 breaths (3 inhales + 3 exhales)
  • Carefully bend into the right knee and lower the right leg back to the mat
  • Unwind the full bind and ragdoll
  • Repeat on the opposite side

Written by: Tanya Clark