Sanskrit: Niralamba Sarvangasana.

The unsupported shoulder stand is a challenging inversion. It tones and strengthens the leg muscles and the glutes. It also stretches the neck and shoulder muscles. The shoulder stand is usually performed toward the end of the practice as a closing inversion. Please see below for a step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this advanced shape:

  1. Start by lying down on your mat with soles of feet on the mat
  2. Arms rest long by your sides with palms facing down
  3. Shoot both legs up and use the leverage of your hands to lift the hips off of the mat
  4. Take hands on the low back and shimmy your elbows toward each other to create support
  5. Squeeze your legs together and tuck the chin toward the chest
  6. Keep left hand on the low back for support and reach your right hand up the right leg
  7. Repeat on the left hand side and hold
  8. To come out of the shape, take your palms back down on the mat in the starting position and then roll your way one vertebrae at a time back on the mat
  9. Counter with fish pose

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