Mermaid pose is a variation of the one legged king pigeon posture, creating a beautiful backbending shape. If your low back is sensitive, please be mindful when trying to get into mermaid. This pose can open the chest, hips, and quads. It also requires core strength to hold the balance. Please see below for step-by-step instructions for mermaid:

  1. Start in downward facing dog
  2. Lift your right leg up and keep both hips square, right toes point down
  3. Exhale to draw the right knee to the right wrist crease coming into pigeon pose
  4. Stay upright, use props if needed on either side of you to find your balance
  5. Press the right shin down into the mat
  6. Imagine squeezing the legs together and feel a gentle lift in the hips, creating a strong foundation
  7. Bend the left knee and point your toes up
  8. Make a big circle with the left arm to capture the top of the left foot
  9. Bend the left elbow and allow your left heel to hug into the sitting bones
  10. Slide the left foot into the left elbow crease and pull up
  11. Find engagement in the belly as you hug the naval up and in
  12. Reach the right arm up toward the ceiling
  13. Bend at the right elbow and press the back of the head into the right arm
  14. Clasp the right hand with the left and bring focus to the breath
  15. Hold for 2 inhales and two exhales

How to exit the posture:

  1. Release the right hand down to the mat
  2. Gently release the left foot long behind you
  3. Plant the palms on the mat and float the right leg up and back
  4. Bend at the knee and make circles with the knee and ankle
  5. Come back to downward facing dog and repeat on the other side