Sanskrit: Ardha Chandrasana to Chapasana to Natarajasana

Type: Balancing transition

Improves: Standing balance, core strength & leg strength

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Come to the to triangle pose at the top of your mat starting with the right foot forward
  2. Take your left hand on the hip and place your right fingertips (or use a block to help stabilize) a few inches in front of your right foot
  3. On an inhale, shift and lift into half moon pose
  4. Press through the left heel and root down through the right foot
  5. Bend the left knee and capture the left foot with your left hand coming into sugarcane pose
  6. Slightly bend the right knee for support as you pull the naval up and in
  7. Begin to press into the right foot and slowly rise into dancer’s pose reaching the right arm forward
  8. Hold for a breaths and then slowly back out of the pose the way you entered
  9. Repeat on the opposite side
Video Tutorial