Sanskrit: Bhekasana

Bhekasana is an intense backbend that requires quad strength and flexibility, hip flexibility and shoulder flexibility. This posture strengthens the back and stretches the quads, psoas major and the throat. There are three great pre poses to take before you attempt frog pose:



Supta Virasana

Please make sure you are properly warmed up before trying to come into Bhekasana.

If you have sensitive knees or a sensitive low back please be very cautious when coming into the pose. See below for detailed instructions:

Starting with single leg first:

  1. Come to your belly and rest the forehead on the backs of the hands
  2. Bring the legs together and engage the quads, press the pelvis down
  3. Take the left forearm onto the mat and gently lift the chest, bend the right knee and capture the right foot with your hand and hold
  4. Bend the elbow and lift out of your left shoulder
  5. Spin the hand around to the fingers are facing the same direction as the toes
  6. Repeat on the opposite side

Try both legs next!

  1. Gaze forward and bend your knees
  2. Press the pelvis down
  3. Capture the outsides of your feet with your hands and bend the elbows, allow them to reach straight up
  4. Hug the heels in and lift the chest
  5. Spin the hands around do the fingers face the direction as the toes and hold
  6. Release and relax on an exhale

We have an entire playlist of advanced postures on our YouTube channel!