We offer diverse advanced postures each week in our online yoga classes to assist in the evolution of our student’s yoga practice. These postures consist of inversions, arm balances, even intense binds and back extension postures. This week, we will be working toward flying lizard pose.

Flying lizard is not a common yoga pose; however, it is accessible for most practitioners. This is an arm balance and a variation of utthan pristhasana (lizard pose). If you have wrist injuries, please take caution. Flying lizard can help with improving balance, strengthening the core and opening the hips. This posture requires the same strength as crow pose and it also requires hamstring flexibility.

Here are the step by step instructions to take flight in Flying Lizard:

  1. Start from downward dog
  2. Exhale step right foot to the outside of your right hand
  3. Stay perched up on the back toes and begin to rock forward and back
  4. Sneak the right shoulder under your right leg (if the shoulder isn’t accessible, get it as high up the arm as you can)
  5. With the right hand to the outside of the right foot and the left hand to the inside of the right foot, press the mat away and engage your core
  6. Keep elbows hugged and lead with your gaze beyond the mat
  7. Float right toes off of mat and hug the heel in
  8. Lean forward until left toes pull away from the mat, it’s easy to hold the breath here, find ujjayi breath and keep the core on and strong
  9. Once left toes are hovering, bend left knee and press left heel up
  10. Hold for 2 breaths and gently release out of the pose

Check out Mark Rausa’s tutorial of Flying Lizard on our MOXIE Youtube channel

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