Sanskrit: Maksikanagasana

Dragonfly pose is a combination of a hip opener, deep twist and arm balance. This pose will also test your overall balance and core strength upon entering the posture. Dragonfly strengthens the shoulders, arms and upper back while opening the hips. It is very important to be properly warmed up before attempting the pose. It requires extreme flexibility in the hips and hamstrings. See below for step-by-step instructions for entering the pose:

  1. Stand at the top of the mat with your feet hip’s distance apart
  2. Bring your right ankle above the left knee in a standing figure 4 shape
  3. Flex your right foot
  4. Bring your hands into prayer position
  5. Lean forward until the right elbow lands on your right knee, left elbow lands on your right ankle
  6. Release hands to the mat and make a few circles to wake up the outer hip
  7. Place the left hand on the right heel and press firmly into the heel
  8. Lift the right hand and focus on the balance as you come into a twist, taking the sole of the right foot as high as you can on the right arm
  9. Pull the belly in and take hands to prayer as you deepen the twist
  10. Release the hands to the ground (think side crow set up with the hands)
  11. Bend the elbows like chaturanga and lean forward
  12. As you lean, the right knee goes up and the left leg goes out to the side
  13. To come out of it, return back to the figure four shape

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