Sanskrit: Bakasana to chaturanga

Type: Arm balance, transition

Strengthens: Arms, shoulders, core


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Come into a deep squat and rest your hands down on the on the mat
  2. Sit the hips back toward the heels and gently lift the heels away from the mat
  3. Let the knees rest on the triceps
  4. Begin to lift your hips and bend your elbows
  5. Look forward and shift your weight forward and continue to lift your hips
  6. Lift one heel away from the mat and then the other until you are balancing on your hands
  7. Keep the elbows bent and step one leg back and then the other, flow through chaturanga
  8. Inhale to up dog
  9. Exhale to down dog

Second version

  1. Repeat steps 1-6
  2. Straighten out both legs at the same time
  3. Land in chaturanga
  4. Inhale to up dog
  5. Exhale to down dog
Video Tutorial