Sanskrit: Bakasana

Crow pose is one of the most fundamental arm balances in the yoga practice. In this tutorial, Mark demonstrates going from crow pose to a tripod headstand, back to crow pose into chaturanga. In the second half of this tutorial, Mark demonstrates how to hop INTO crow pose from a shortened downward facing dog. Working towards these transitions can help evolve your yoga practice. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to get from crow pose to headstand, back into crow pose into chaturanga:

Getting into crow:

  1. Come into a wide legged squat
  2. Plant your hands in front of you and create your hand lock
  3. Bend the elbows and the knees
  4. Rest the knees on the back of the arms and begin to lift your hips
  5. Lean forward and fly into crow pose

From crow to tripod headstand

  1. Begin to look down
  2. Rest the crown of your head onto the mat
  3. Hug your elbows in and continue to squeeze the mat
  4. Float your legs up and squeeze the legs together as you come into your tripod headstand

From tripod headstand back to crow

  1. Rebend the knees and place them on the triceps
  2. Lift your head up to gently gaze forward
  3. Continue to squeeze the mat with your hands and engage the belly coming back into crow pose

From crow pose to chaturanga

  1. Lean your weight forward
  2. Straighten the knees
  3. Land with bent elbows

View our FULL tutorial on these crow pose transitions on our YouTube channel,