Sanskrit: Ustrasana

Type: Backbend

Strengthens: Legs & Back


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Come to sit up on the knees and bring knees hip’s distance apart
  2. Relax the glutes and fire the core and quads resting the arms by our side
  3. Begin to upper body back using your core muscles to keep you steady
  4. Release and sit back on the heels
  5. Come back up on the knees and take hands to the low back, finders pointing down
  6. Engage your deep core and quads
  7. Begin to press the hips forward and slowly lean the upper body back, opening through the chest, hold for 3 breaths
  8. Slowly bring yourself back up and sit on the heels
  9. Set up one more time on the knees with both hands on the low back, pressing hips forward
  10. Release the right hand to the right heel and the left hand to the left heel
  11. If that feels ok, grasp the ankles
  12. Imagine making a “c” shape with your body and hold for three breaths
  13. To exit the posture, bring the right hand back up to the low back and them the left to rise all the way back up on the knees
  14. Counter with Embryo
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