Sanskrit: Parivṛtta Naṭarājāsana

Type: Standing backbend and bind

Benefits: Opens chest, improves balance 

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Come to the top of your mat in mountain pose
  2. Inhale arms overhead, exhale to forward fold
  3. Plant hands and step left foot back
  4. Left hand stays down, extend right arm up to the sky coming into an easy twist
  5. Root into the right foot and shift up into a revolved half moon, lifting the left foot off of the mat (a block under the left hand can help with balance)
  6. Bend into the left knee and capture the left foot with right hand
  7. Rise up into revolved dancer (gentle bend in standing leg will help you rise with balance)
  8. Extend the left arm and continue to pull the left toes up
  9. Hold the pose for three breaths
  10. Repeat on opposite side


Video Tutorial