Sanskrit: Pasasana

Type: Seated bound pose

Opens: Chest & shoulders, strengthens legs

Step-by-step instructions: 

  • Come to a squat position with a towel under the heels for support
  • Do not folder over the legs and let the hips fall toward the mat
  • Pull the low belly in and reach the arms forward
  • Lift hips away from the mat and strive to press the heels down coming into a supported squat
  • Squeeze legs together
  • Twist to the left side and hook the right elbow outside of the left leg

**NOTE: try not to push the elbow into the leg. Let the arm drape over the leg and curl the right arm in front of the shins

  • Stay strong in your balance and reach the left arm up 
  • Pull the shoulder blade down the back 
  • Spin the left shoulder open 
  • Wrap the left arm around the back for the bind
  • Try to clasp the hands together and hold the pose for 2 breaths
  • Release the bind and come to a forward fold
  • Repeat steps on the opposite side


Check out the video tutorial on our YOUTube page