Instructor Training

The 50-Hr MOXIE Training will teach you the principles of how to instruct the MOXIE Method of yoga classes. Our goal is to have the graduates from the MOXIE Training teach classes at MOXIE.


• MOXIE’s Approach & Philosophy• Yoga Anatomy for MOXIE Fundamentals• How to Teach The MOXIE Method• Communication & Language• Hands-on and Verbal Adjustments• Opportunities to Teach Community Classes• 2 Months of Unlimited Classes


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I originally signed up for The MOXIE Training as a way to continue the momentum of my own personal practice.. somewhere along the way I discovered how much I love teaching.  The MOXIE Training really is for anyone who is inspired to take their yoga deeper.  You may be surprised where it leads you.

Irene Chou

Advanced Practice

The Advanced Practice Training is a multiple weekend intensive designed to help break down advanced postures and transitions to help take your yoga practice to the next level through a carefully developed series of workshops and advanced practice classes.  Each day will consist of a workshop and advanced practice where you will apply the skills learned.


• Backbending• Hip Opening• Arm Balancing• Transitions• Binding• Handstands• Inversions


Date: January 12th - January 27th, 2019Day: Saturday & SundayTime: 1:00pm - 4:00pmLocation: MOXIE: Bernal HeightsTuition: $450


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The Moxie Method Training was a great introduction to teaching yoga! I learned a ton of information in a short time that had me teaching yoga in less than three months. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on language and how to teach a class in a really fluid and direct manner. The materials from the program are still helpful today as I can refer back to them when I'm feeling stuck or unsure. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to teach or even just wants to deepen their understanding of yoga and their own personal practice.

Adrienne Herr-Paul